Cubby – another syncing service

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After Dropbox has increased free space and SugarSync has done the same, after Google has announced Google Disk and Yandex has started Yandex.Disk, another new cloud space and syncing provider will join the game. Cubby is still in beta and invite only, but you can apply for an invite on their web site. The service will bring you 5 GB of free space, which is similar to other providers.

Cubby will go beyond cloud sync – they say they will enable direct computer to computer synchronization, which won’t be limited by the free space in the cloud. Sounds useful, and the paranoid people might sleep tighter knowing that their data isn’t being replicated in the clouds.

The syncing business seems to grow rapidly. There are many established services (beside above mentioned and most known also, Ubuntu One, Spider Oak, aDrive and many others) and new ones seem to pop up every week. I wonder how will the syncing market look in one year.

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