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Google removed ads on the right hand side of the search results

Yesterday Google started showing AdWords ads differently on the search results page. It stopped showing the ads on the right hand side of the results page where previously up to 7 ads were shown. This part of the page is now reserved for structured data including articles from Wikipedia, facts from the knowledge graph and information about companies. There is… Read more »

Get 2 more GB of free Google Drive space, it’s Safer Internet Day 2016!

It’s Safer Internet Day 2016 and Google will award you with additional 2GB of free space on Google Drive if you review security settings of your Google account. Just follow this link, log in and review your information, check the devices and locations where you’re logged in, browse through apps that have permissions to access your account data and you’re… Read more »

Voice typing in Google Docs (for Chrome)

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I’m writing this post with a new feature in Google Docs. Actually, I’m writing it on Chromebook. The new feature in Google Docs is called Voice typing. That’s means that I’m not using the keyboard to write this post, but I’m just speaking into my Chromebook. It’s difficult to get used to it, but it’s highly useful and fast. I… Read more »