Best Image Resizer software

In my opinion, the best image resizer or digital photo resizing software is Mihov Image Resizer. Not only that it offers very fast and high quality resizing, it also makes it in batch mode. You can select hundreds of photos in a folder, preview them if you need to, set the desired photo size and click the Resize button. You can choose to rename the photos or put them in a subfolder, or you can replace the originals. I would try to avoid replacement if I didn’t create backups of the originals before.

There’s also an exotic but innovative way of using the program: you can install Mihov Image Resizer on your digital camera and run it on locked computers in cyber cafe’s when travelling. You’ll be able to e-mail your photos even if only slow connection is available.

If these features haven’t persuaded you of the Mihov Image Resizer’s superiority, here is another plus: the program is freeware and free to use for everyone. Download Mihov Image Resizer now!

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