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I know a lot of you use Mihov Image Resizer to resize and organize your photos after a major event, nice vacation or when coming back from a travel experience. That’s nice, but there’s no need to actually wait for coming back. With Mihov Image resizer, you can resize all your photos while traveling in a cyber cafe or your hotel room. I know that most of cyber cafes don’t allow installing software on their computers, but that’s not a problem with Mihov Image Resizer. You can just install the software to your computer at home and simply copy the installed files to your digital camera memory card (it can be SD, SDHC, Memory Stick, Compact Flash, xD – doesn’t matter – they’re all good). Later, when in cyber cafe, just connect your camera to the computer and run the program directly from your camera (or memory card, to be precise). You can resize all the images and save the resized images to the memory card so nothing stays on the computer after you leave.

Yes, I know it’s a crazy idea, but you can actually install Mihov Image Resizer to your digital camera and use it from there! You do need a computer, but you don’t need install permissions, so using one in the hotel lobby or in the cyber cafe works just fine!

One of the great advantages is that Mihov Image Resizer takes only 370 kb of space when installed, so it won’t take too much space on your memeory card. Actually, 370 kb is probably less than a third of a digital photo you’ll take with your camera!

If you are already on your way right now than it’s the best way to download a zip archive of the executable files (no need to install them) and unzip (extract) them to any folder on your memory card. The best way is to create a new folder on the root folder. You can run the program directly from your memory card by running Resizer.exe and don’t have to install anything!

I hope this little tip will help you send your photos to your family and friends faster, or to cut down your upload times if uploading to social networks like Facebook, MySpace or even Picasa Web.

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