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Google has announced that their great product, Google Earth, is now available for Android mobile phones. Since I own a Samsung Galaxy i7500 I wanted to download the application as soon as possible and try it out. I went to Google Earth official site with my desktop browser and the option was really there. The page offered more info on mobile version of the product and a usual download info for mobile devices.

It looked great, and Android was supported, so I navigated to with my mobile browser. Again, like less than a month ago with Google Buzz, I was disappointed. Instead of a download link I got a message, that my device is not supported. All I could do was close the browser and continue my life without Google Earth on my mobile.

I run Android 1.5 and it really looks to me that this is an outdated version of the software. I know that Android 2.1 is already out, but hey – I bought my phone a few months ago and it shouldn’t get deprecated by Google so fast.

I still hope Google will make an updated version of Earth for ‘older’ Android phones like they did with Buzz and make it available with limited features.

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