My first Android phone is Samsung Galaxy i7500

I am a proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy android mobile phone, also known as Samsung i7500 in some countries. I have bought it a month ago and have been exploring it since. Actually I’ve been exploring the free applications on the market and the possibilities they bring along. It’s my first mobile phone that uses the internet in full spectrum. The previous phone (SonyEricson 800i) had only a browser and a mail client, which is not enough anymore.

How did I decide for this phone? It was pretty easy and in three steps:

  1. I compiled a list of phones that have WLAN, GPS and touch screen and are sold in Slovenia.
  2. I selected the phones that have Android operating system.
  3. I selected the phone with lowest SAR level (Specific Absorption Rate is a level of radiation from the phone).

The final step was to go to a store and check if my selection was correct. I used the phone for a minute and it worked fine (and I didn’t know how to use it…), and it fit in my pocket perfectly. That was it, I own the phone now!

The thing is that the phone is more a computer that it is a phone. Features of a phone are only one of many on this machine; it has other features like browser, alarm clock, digital map, camera, shopping list and so on. I like that, specially because I have noticed that I use it as a phone for max. 30 minutes a day and for other uses for more than an hour.

I really like the phone, but there is one thing that bothers me. It’s battery life. It’s really short. Too short for not being broken. I am using the phone for one month and I’ve spent only two evenings not charging it because it was almost empty. The next mornings of these two evenings the phone was dead. So yes, the max battery life I’ve gotten out of it was less than 30 hours. I’m keeping the use of devices low (GPS navigator, wi-fi, bluetooth, 3g,…), but it’s still bad. That’s why I’ll take it back to the seller to see if the battery is broken.

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