My girlfriends Asus EEE

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The following post is a cross post from my other blog about My Asus EEE nettop computer and is available here directly. I thought it was interesting to compare how a battery of a laptops can last almost longer than my mobile phone’s Samsung Galaxy i7500 battery does.

My girlfriend was thrilled about my (or better our) EEE. I can call it ‘our old EEE’ now, because she got herself one too. It’s superior to mine in all aspects: bigger screen (which is really a plus), more RAM, has hard disk, faster CPU, very long battery life and I’m sure there are other cool features as well. The name of the machine is Asus EEE 1101HA, it’s black, has 2 GB RAM, 250 GB hard disk and comes with Windows 7 Home Premium pre-installed. She has it only for a few days now, but she loves it already.

My observation so far is that it seems a bit slow. I don’t know if it’s the EEE itself or is it Windows 7. Maybe it just needs some fine tuning and turning off some cool visual features, but I think this should have been already done in the factory or in the shop.

The second weird thing is that when turned on, it started updating the systems, itself, the system again, then the settings, then Windows updates,… This went on for several hours.

The really cool thing is it’s battery. I don’t know about other laptops or nettops, but I haven’t really seen a battery powered computer that doesn’t die for so long. The battery life is supposed to be more than 10 hours, and it seems that it’s correct or pretty close. When first charged, it worked for 8 hours already and it still not dead. The battery life of this EEE is really great.

The price for it was very reasonable, 369 EUR with tax included. We bought it in Slovenia again, this time from Enaa web shop.

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