Firefox 4 release candidate was released

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Last week Firefox 4 RC (release candidate) was released.  Mozilla has created a special page for installing and getting feedback, but also for spreading the word about it over Twitter and Facebook.

Firefox 4 release candidate is derived out of Firefox 4.0b13pre – which is still being released and available as a nightly. It will probably evolve into another RC. Probably there will be one or two more release candidates, RC1 and RC2.

Firefox 4RC brings all the features we’ve seen in the beta versions plus better stability. The special FF4 page lists these main features:

  • A new look
  • New tab location
  • Synchronization with other computers
  • Organizing your tabs with Panorama
  • Easier way of managing add-ons
  • “Huge performance enhancements” aiming mainly on Javascript speed
  • WebM and HD Video
  • 3D
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Full hardware acceleration
  • HSTS
  • Multi touch support
  • Audio API
  • SVG as images
  • Crash protection

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