Acid3 test results on all my browsers

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Today I have decided to run Acid3 tests on all of my browsers that I have installed and use on my computer and my Android mobile phone.

Here are the results, which are, surprising, not that good. I would expect more of my browsers.


Firefox 3.6.12 is my primary browser that I use the most and trust the most. It’s result was only 94/100.

Chrome 9.0.597.0 dev, which is my secondary browser, got the best possible result, that is 100/100. Unbeatable. Note that this is a development version of Chrome (not stable, not beta).

Firefox 4.0b8pre is my third browser which I seldom use but is a candidate for becoming my first browser got the result 97/100. I was disappointed by this result and I hope it gets better by the time they relase FF4, which will unfortunately not be this year.

Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702 is on my system because I need to test web applications and web pages I develop. At 12/100 I get the message from IE that it wants to run ‘MSXML3.0 SP10’ add-on. If I confirm, sort of iframe with some xml data is opened inside the test and the test stops at 20/100. If I don’t confirm the pop-up, the Acid3 test also stops at 20/100.

On my smartphone I am running Android 1.5 with the default browser. It got a pretty high result of 93/100.

I don’t really believe the IE8 test I took and that is why I have tried to simulate older IE browsers through a tool called IETester that I use for verifying developed sites for older IE browsers. The results looked very weird and hardly readable, but I think I got these results: IE5.5 got 13/100, IE6 got 11/100 and IE7 got 11/100. I have also tried IE8RC1 through IETester and it also got only 20/100.

It looks like the browsers still have room for improvement, at least on my systems. The winner is clearly Chrome which is great also for other browsers – just to let them see that 100/100 is not impossible to reach.

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