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Firefox 4.0b9pre is out

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Mozilla has released Firefox 4.0b9pre preview version of the new beta9 of Firefox 4. Not much visible is new, of course. Kraken benchmark seems to run faster the in previous versions, Acid3 test is still at 97/100, and Sunspider 0.9 is similar to previous versions as well.

Happy Holidays!

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I wish happy holidays to all my readers! May the New Year 2011 bring more exciting stuff like new faster browsers, interesting gadgets, popular websites and a lot of traffic!

An online bookshop for Poland

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In addition to our successful and locally popular bookstore in Slovenia and the European one we have launched a Polish translation of the site. The site is registered under a .pl domain, written completely in Polish language and targeted for Polish visitors. We have chosen a name Bestseller books and registered the domain where the book store… Read more »