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Old WordPress posts randomly change dates

Maybe you have noticed past few days that the first posts that I’ve published back in 2009 were presented on the first page for a while. I did not know why this has happened so I’ve changed the dates back to original manually via Quick Edit function. Everything seemed OK, but several days later some of the oldest posts were… Read more »

Firefox 4 release candidate 2 (RC2) released

Ten days after the first Firefox 4 release candidate the second one (RC2) was released. According to Mozilla milestones this is the last release candidate before the final release of Firefox 4 that will take place on Tuesday, March 22, 2011. So what’s new in RC2? According to Mozilla Wiki “Two very small, very isolated fixes in order to better… Read more »

My primary browser is Firefox 4 RC1

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Until now my primary browser was Firefox 3.6. I’ve been a Netscape/Mozilla/Firefox user for 16 years now, so I am eager to upgrade to new versions, find new functionalities and use them to make my browsing faster, easier, safer and more efficient. Even when using FF3.6 as my primary browser I’ve had several betas and preview versions of Firefox 4… Read more »