Old WordPress posts randomly change dates

Maybe you have noticed past few days that the first posts that I’ve published back in 2009 were presented on the first page for a while. I did not know why this has happened so I’ve changed the dates back to original manually via Quick Edit function. Everything seemed OK, but several days later some of the oldest posts were seen as posted just hours ago. Leather, rinse, repeat – I changed the dates manually again.

I was afraid there was something wrong with my WordPress installation (or a new bug?) so I’ve dome some research. Everything was fine with my installation – I have discovered why this was happening.

It was one of the features of SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2 plugin that I have installed. One of its features is to Promote old post with no search engine traffic and it was checked by default. Well, this promotion meant that posts were re-published or that, as it seemed to me, their date of publication is changed somehow.

I have unchecked the Promote old post with no search engine traffic option and now the dats of my WordPress posts will stay as they were ment to be – not changed at all.

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