Why this blog?

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Hi, my name is Miha. I am the author of Miha’s utilities, a set of freeware and shareware utilities, used and loved by millions of users worldwide. The most popular program I’ve created is Mihov Image Resizer which has been downloaded more than million times. And it’s still free. In my opinion, Mihov Image Resizer is the Best resizer.

I have finished the Faculty of Computer and Information Science and Faculty of Economics, both at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. The first one has given me technical knowledge, the second one business knowledge. As Master of Science I can put both to good use.

I am employed for Slovenia’s biggest system integration company where I’m holding a position of a project manager for large IT projects. My projects have been very successful, the last one winning a 2009 United Nations Public Service Award in the competition of Europe and North America, the most prestigious international recognition of excellence in public service.

I am also the owner of a start-up company Mihov.com web solutions that I have established to make some money with my utilities, to help other companies with the web and web applications, and to  run marketing activities for my utilities and for other companies.

The web is becoming my other home. I like Google and I use it’s services a lot. That and more than 10 years of experience has made me a web expert.

I have created this blog to share my activities with others and to let people know about what I’m doing. It’s personal, technological and business blog in one. Hope you find some useful links and interesting ideas!

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