Internet Explorer 6 official countdown

Internet Explorer 6, that was released in 2001 by Microsoft, is still used by many users. Microsoft is estimating that at the end of this February 12% of all internet users were still browsing with the outdated Internet Explorer 6. True, the majority of Europe and USA already upgraded or switched browsers, but there are many IE6 users in China, India, japan and other countries with mayn internet users.

Anyway, even Microsoft has decided to put an end to IE6. They have created a special web site that encourages users to upgrade to IE7 or IE8 or even change browsers to something more secure.

They have even published that “Friends don’t let friends use Internet Explorer 6” and are inviting everyone to let people know this. I’m not a fan of Internet Explorer and it was never my primary browser, but I have had quite some trouble with it as a web developer and also as a project manager. So I guess I’m happy to do what Microsoft says and am advising you on changing the browser now!

Using Analytics I have extracted some interesting data from the visitors of my software pages. On my main software site There are still 3.36% visitors that use IE6, on my Image Resizer site there are 2.52%, on my Picture Downloader site there are 2.26% and on this Best resizer blog there are only 1.17% visitors with IE6.

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