Android stock news and weather app not working

Several days now the stock Weather and news app on Android phones is not working. The weather app is available on ICS and Jelly Bean devices and displays a nice weather widget on home screen. When clicked on, the app opens full screen and shows current weather from The Weather Channel and 7-day forcast. By swiping right the top news appear. Note that the weather location can be obtained automatically by location.

There are no good reasons that the stock app is not working. The widget and the app show network error and won’t connect. Since many Galaxy Nexus users have received Android update to Jelly Bean, there are numerous guesses on the net if the weather app stopped working because of the update.

However, the reason for the misfuntion can be the accessibility of the searver that provides weather dara. According to some older reports, this has happened before and was solved in a few days.

Let’s hope this time the issue will also be solved soon – news and weather app is really nice to use, small and cosy.


Update: The issue was resolved after two days.


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