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As you might have remembered, more than two and a half years ago I got my first smartphone – Samsung Galaxy (code name i7500). It was the best phone around at the time (like Samsung Galaxy S III is now), so naturally I expected it to be new and good for at least some time. Certainly I haven’t expected that Samsung will let me down by providing no updates for its flag phone like it did. After half a year my phone (or better to say, Samsung) was two releases of Android behind which made my phone an oldtimer. New devices were running Android 2.1, my flagship was running Android 1.5.  Note that many of the newer apps didn’t support 1.5 any more or at all.

Of course I was disappointed and at that time I did all what I could – I found some custom roms and upgraded first to Android 1.6 and then to 2.2 (and later back to 1.6). Beside that, I told myself that the only way I can punish Samsung is by not buying my next phone from them. Even if they make the best phones.

And it’s exactly what I did. My next phone that I bought a month ago is Google Galaxy Nexus (code name Galaxy Nexus i9250). Yes, it was manufactured by Samsung, but it will not be managed by them, luckily, but by Google. Which means that when Google makes updates to Android, I will receive them fuss free, on time and without the Samsungs’ good will. This has proven really nice when I turned the phone on for the first time. It had Android 4.0.1 preinstalled and minutes after I have set it up it downloaded and installed Android 4.0.2, and minutes later it upgraded again to 4.0.4. I was so happy! Finally I was on the latest version and not dependent from Samsung.

Beside that, Galaxy Nexus works like a charm. It’s fast, useful, this, has a big screen, is not heavy and is very responsive. The only downside I see is battery life. I have to charge it every day, seldom it lasts two days. I already knew that when I bought the phone, so it doesn’t really bother me.

Many people ask me which phone to buy and my answer is that I would buy Galaxy Nexus. I’m not sure for them (or you), but I don’t want to be locked in the little world of Samsung any longer.

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