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Currently, there are only 32 countries in the world where Android users see (and can buy) applications from Android Market. All the rest of us can see only free applications – we don’t see paid apps and we can’t buy, download and install them. At least, not by default.

In order to get access to paid apps you have to trick your phone (or Google). The Market app knows from the SIM card which is your country. So if there was a way to falsificate this info, the Market wouldn’t tell you from a user from another country. Fortunately, there is a way – and a really easy one to perform.

All you have to do is download (yes, from the ‘free’ Market) an application named MarkerEnabler (with a big green ME icon). Install it, run it and first save your current settings. On the first tab, click on ‘Save current settings’ button. Then select the second tab (Setting list) and long click on any of the providers listed. A new selection should open, where select ‘fake this provider now’. And that’s it! Check the change by opening the first tab (Actual) again and you will see that the value of gsm.sim.operator.numeric has changed.

Open the Market, search for the application you’re missing, and find it! You will see that you are able to find it, click on it and even buy and install it. Buying is done through Google Checkout, so you might have to update your credit card details if you haven’t done so on your computer.

After you have installed the desired apps there is no reason to fake the provider. Open MarketEnabler again, this time click the ‘Restore settings’ button and your saved settings will be restored to what they were.

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