Instant Upload synchronizes even when turned off

If you are using Google+ mobile application on your Android phone or tablet you might have noticed that some of the photos from your phone are now available on your Google+ photos page. The photos are marked as private but can be shared with your circles.

This is the feature of Google Plus mobile app and is called Instant Upload. You can turn this feature off in the app by going to Settings where you can turn off Instant upload. This is nice, however, you might notice that the photos are still synchronizing and are still appearing on Google+ on the web. This is probably something that you don’t want if you turned the feature off, right?

I’m not sure if this is a bug or just a feature that is not clear enough to configure, but in any case I will share with you how to stop Instant upload for good.

Go to your Android settings (not Google+ but system) and select Accounts and Synchronization. The list of your registered accounts will open and the ones that have at least some sync active are marked green. These are the ones we are interested in. Select the account that you use for Google+ by tapping on it. Find the item “Synchronize Intent Upload” and turn it off. This should prevent Instant upload to send your photos to the cloud when you don’t want that. Just in case, make sure that none of other accounts have this setting enabled.

I hope this helps for you as well!

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