Asus Zenfone Max Plus M1 is missing the February 2019 update, too

There was no upgrade for Asus ZenFone Max Plus M1 in January, and it happened again. There was also no upgrade in February.

This is very unusual as Asus has been delivering updates pretty regularly every month with some exceptions. After the update that tried to fix the initial bugs that came with Oreo update and failed at mostly all the fixes, there was no other update. The last update is still from December 2018, and the official Asus update claims the same.

We can again start guessing what this means, but in the light of Asus announcing that Andorid 9 Pie is coming to ZenFone Max Plus M1, that could be a sign that all the work was redirected to Android Pie instead of fixing the unbelievably miserable Oreo experience. Asus has even made the official announcement by listing a device on the upgrade plan, but has since then also deleted the plan from the ZenTalk forum.

Hopefully the work on Android Pie is progressing and will be available to users soon. Us stuck on Android 7.0, or even more those bricked on Android 8.1. The forum of more popular ZenFone Max Pro has some users talking about Pie beta and the possible release coming in March, so we might be close to the actual release of Android Pie for Max Plus M1 too. If not in March, maybe in April.

The wait continues and I will update this blog as soon as there is more info.

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