Yandex.Disk test drive and review

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Not so long ago I wrote about registering for an invite for a Russian syncing service Yandex.Disk that offers 10 GB of free space on the cloud. Note that the first page is now in English, too.

Well, I have received the invite and have registered for the service. Currently the web site and the downloadable software (including installation procedure) are in Russian and in Cyrillic. I don’t speak Russian but I can read some Cyrillic and I speak a Slavic language (Slovenian)  so I managed to install the software without problems. Here is the about box of the software that’s used for syncing:

Yandex.Disk test drive and review

Yandex.Disk software about box

I also logged in the web interface of the service, which is also in Russian. It nicely integrates with other Yandex service, for example mail. Disk adds a new tab to the mail interface named ‘files’ (‘?????’) where the directory structure is available. At first you only have 3 GB of free space. When you install the software on your computer you get additional 3 GB, then 2 GB more for adding the first file. The last 2GB you get by inviting some friends or publishing the news on social networks.

Here is how the web interface looks like (after changing a theme to ‘manga’):

Yandex.Disk test drive and review

Yandex.Disk web interface

Now I have 10 GB of free space and another syncing icon in my Windows tray. By the way, the icon is nice: a hoovering UFO. The syncing is seamless and haven’t caused any problems, so I can recommend the service for you to try. If Russian is not too big a problem for you, that is.

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