Update firmware of ExoPCs touch screen

Some time ago I have described my Windows 8 experience on my ExoPC tablet computer. One of the problems I’ve had was with touch screen which from time to time stops responding on certain regions of the screen. Most often the region that is one centimeter wide at the right end of the screen stops responding, which wouldn’t be that bad, but Windows 8 is designed to use exactly that part of the screen for bringing up menus. So I have decided to fix the problem.

The problem probably isn’t software relates, as this was happening while I was running MeeGo as well. So I browsed the ExoPC site for similar problems and have found a link to update touch screen firmware. I have updated the firmware by using an external USB mouse without problems.

The error seemed to disappear for a couple of days, but it got back and now I feel it’s the same as before. So it looks like the firmware update didn’t fix the error.

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