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This week there has been a lot of news about Chrome passing Internet Explorer as the most popular browser. This was supposed to happen in the week ending May 20, so I have decided to check this on my own sites and for the same week. I chose some of the sites that have the most traffic so the numbers should be as relevant as possible.

Image Resizer software26,64%33,05%31,30%
Picture Downloader software19,55%38,19%29,33% main site27,21%33,38%26,49%

As you can see from my sites not that Chrome has passed Internet Explorer, but Firefox seems to be the first one on the list on all sites.

I have also checked some Slovenian sites I run, to see if there is a great difference between my global and Slovenian visitors. Again, here’s the list of my sites with most traffic.

Slovenian on line book store26,36%40,79%20,40%
Slovenian Chinese restaurants24,22%35,37%23,17%
Slovenian domain names directory35,98%39,11%18,72%

So the interesting thing here is that while IE usage is similar to global sites, Slovenian visitors seem to use Firefox more than Chrome. Does that mean that we like Firefox better or are we slow in following trends?

And now let’s see about you, the visitors of this blog. I also write about browsers, so I assume, that my visitors are people who care about their browser and choose it carefully.

Best resizer blog12,50%39,84%35,94%

The data shows that IE is used far less than FF or Chrome on this blog. So what does it mean? Are my readers fast in following trends or too slow because the global data shows that Chrome won?

The conclusion: I was surprised that Chrome has gotten such a big user share. However, it was far from being the first one. Also, I was surprised how many visitors still use Internet Explorer. I can’t really understand their choice, but it’s true that I come from Slovenia, a country that was the third in the world to surpass 50% share of Firefox market share (that was back in November 2008), so I can’t judge objectively.

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