Google is discontinuing several services

After quite successful Google+ launch Larry Page announced that Google will focus and prioritize more. This means more focus to core services (search, ads), popular services (YouTube, Chrome, Android) and new services (Google+, Commerce, Local) and closing down not so focused or popular services.

With updating the looks of the user graphical interface they are also discontinuing the services. After closing several services (including Wave, Lively, Notebook, Answers and others) in the span of several years this trend has recently grown and become much faster. Here is the list of Google’s discontinued services that have stopped (or it has been announced that they will) recently:

  • Google Health
  • Powermeter
  • Google Toolbar for Firefox
  • Google Labs
  • Google Directory

The list will surely grow and in my opinion we’ll also see several apps re-branded with Google’s name, for example Picasa, Blogger or Picnic. YouTube is too popular to have its name changed. All the service that Google will offer in the future will also be available over a short url,, which will be used only for Google’s services.

Which of the services wouldn’t you like to see closed?

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