Google is gradually changing graphic design

As you might have noticed with several Google products and services the graphic design of the user interface is changing. When Google+ was published in the end of June 2011, it showed how the new Google will look like. Since then several services have changed their look or at least offer the user to choose between the old and the new look (or in some cases, the new look is default but let users choose the old look).

The new design has more whitespace, design looks sleeker, and the colors used are lighter. Every service include the black title bar with the link to many services and Google+. The new color palette includes blue, red, grey and orange colors, the buttons are bigger and titles (and some text) are displayed in Open Sans web font. The new look, however, isn’t always more useful – bigger spacing makes the web site real estate smaller.

Here is a list of services where you can see and try the new design:

  • Search
  • Google Calendar (if clicked on ‘Try the new look’ link)
  • Gmail (by using ‘Preview’ or ‘Preview (dense)’ themes)
  • Blogger (through ‘Blogger in Draft’)
  • Google Translate
  • Google Documents Help
  • Google Analytics (if clicked on ‘New Version’ link)
  • Several Google product pages, for example page for Chromebooks

The list is growing every day as Google is gradually transitioning services to new design amking them all look similar again.

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