No more “old” Google Drive

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On 6/25/2014, almost exactly a year ago, Google announced a new version of Google drive with “an updated look and speedier performance”. Until today the users had the choice to use the new Drive or to switch back to the old drive. Today this option to switch back to old Drive is no longer available for many users, including me. The default and only option is to use the new Drive. Probably this roll out will include all users in several days.

The new Google Drive is supposed to have cleaner look, be easier to use and be faster. However, after a year of development and user feedback it’s currently still lacking several features that were available in the old Drive. Many users report missing features in the product forum, but Google doesn’t seem to listen. For instance, downloading all files for backup isn’t available any more (there are two different features that either take much more time to use or it doesn’t get all files). Users in the forum have noticed that sorting of the items in new Drive is not making it “easier to use” as it shows folders in front of all files regardless or how the list is sorted. Also, the “unopened” documents aren’t marked in the new Drive, so it’s impossible to see which documents are new and need attention. The new Drive has three options to see the list of files (compact, cozy, comfortable), but all of them show less files on the screen as the new Drive.

There are many many more comments like this on the web and Google forum. Mostly they seem small and not important, but if you’re using Drive for work, these removed features mean a lower productivity. Not to mention how difficult is to switch from a product you love to use (old Drive) to one that you hate (new Drive). But as with all other on-line software, there is no option to use the “old version” or to “uninstall” the upgrade.

How do you like the new Drive?

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