ROW_S221_150119 available for Lenovo S920

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I just got a new notification to update my ROM to the new version ROW_S221_150119. The complete name of the update is S920_ROW_S220_140722_TO_ROW_S221_150119. The size of the update is 223 MB, but it’s not clear what features it includes.

The update says:


1. This update will not erase data. However, please backup important data to avoid data loss due to update failure!

2. To avoid update failure, please stay on the current interface during firmware download, maintain the network connection, and ensure sufficient battery life.

This firmware upgrade will fix bugs and increase device stability.”


2015-02-02 11.13.24 2015-02-02 11.31.31


I haven’t been able to find the list of the fixed bugs.



3 thoughts on “ROW_S221_150119 available for Lenovo S920

  1. ahmed

    the downloading is completing good after the phone restarting to installing the updates appearing ERROR massage

    update is failed

  2. gema

    Me too! After I finish downloading, and hit update on my s920. It started to reboot and installing the updates, but it went error. I was affraid that Ive lost my phone because of the OS failure. Nut thank god it was still can be rebooted and got in to the old OS.

    I repeated the download and installation, but it happened again. So. Well.. I am dissapointed.

  3. Luqman

    Hey, i just update the new Row S221 in myLenovo S920, what’s the different between the previous version? and what is the new feature in this version? btw, my phone doesn’t working properly, when i got a incoming call the voice is doesn’t come out, is the problem cause by the rom version or by the Kit Kat version? Thanks

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