My list of frequently used and favorite services on Android

In addition to the list of my favorite Android programs I have compiled a list of my favorite services I use on my Samsung Galaxy smartphone. I have discovered that even on the phone I use browser a lot and inside it web services. I have discovered that I might use web services more than I use standalone applications that run on the phone.

Here is the list of services I use and like the most:

  • Google search for searching the web
  • Google Reader for reading RSS feeds and some blogs I’m subscribed to
  • Gmail for accessing my web mail
  • website for reading news
  • for keeping track of tasks
  • My provider’s service to monitor my call usage and other stats

I would love to see more services that I could use. The problem is not that they wouldn’t exist, the problem is that the browser is too slow to use those services comfortably. I use the default Android browser that has many useful features, but speed is not one of them.

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