Mozilla introduced Kraken javascript benchmark speed test

I have recently written several articles on the speed increases of preview beta versions of Firefox 4 browser. I have always used the Sunspider test to measure the performance. I didn’t look at the actual results but on the difference between versions and browsers – and have run the test on the same computer.

Now Mozilla has released its own benchmark tool. They call it Kraken benchmark and it was supposed to measure the things that users do and use the most in a browser.

Of course, I have run the test on my system as well. I ran it on Firefox 3.6.10, Firefox 4..0b7pre and Chrome 6.0.472.62. The results were, as expected in favour of the new Firefox 4 browser. The results differ a lot. The worst was, as expected, FF3.6 with a result of 30369.5ms, then came Chrome with 20505.2ms and the best result had FF4b7pre with 10370.5ms.

I hope that the results are comparable and that they mean that the new Firefox4beta7pre is really that much faster. I also hope that this Kraken test is a fair test and not in favour of Mozilla.

Comparing these results I still see the Sunspider results in front of me, where the Chrome browser is (still?) an absolute winner.

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