My list of best Firefox add-ons

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I have posted a list of best Android apps and a list of best free software. Since I’m an active Firefox user it seems fair that I post a list of my best Firefox add-ons that I really use.

As before, I will obbey a simple rule: I have to remember all the add-ons directly from ym mind without having to search for them. If I don’t remeber them, they are not that frequently used and therefore can’t be my favorite. There’s a catch, however. I use my browser so often that I can’t imagine it without some of the functionalities like mouse gestures that are enabled by extensions. Still, I will try to be objective and won’t include the add-ons that are just cool but I don’t use them at all.

After this has been cleared up, here’s the list with the add-ons and the links to their install pages on Firefox site in no particular order:

  1. Mouse Gestures Redox for quick navigation with my mouse
  2. Text Link for creating links from the text alone
  3. Ctrl-Tab for easier navigation between tabs
  4. FaviconizeTab for saving the space in my tab bar
  5. Firebug for finding the secrets of showed web pages (and sometimes to fix them if they have a mistake)
  6. PhZilla for seeing a page from someone else’s IP
  7. SeoQuake for SEO needs for my company
  8. FireShot for creating screen shots when creating web site reviews or when reporting bugs
  9. Web developer for turning things on and off, measuring page elements and quickly filling online forms
  10. Flashblock, almost invisible but effectively blocks all Flash content from web sites I visit
  11. IE NetRenderer for previewing my web sites in popular versions of IE browsers
  12. BugMeNot for viewing information on sites that need login and I need only that one info from them so I don’t want to register
  13. Dictionaries and spell checkers for Slovenian, English and German language
  14. dragdropupload for dropping the files on the file input fields instead of browsing for them with the Explorer
  15. Link Alert for changing the mouse cursor when hoovering over a link
  16. Print/Print Preview for enabling a print preview icon next to the address bar
  17. Resurrect Pages for viewing pages that are not available from available on-line caches (I even translated the add-on to Slovenian)
  18. Searchbar Autosizer for automatically resizing search bar as needed

When compiling this list I noticed that it includes a lot of add-ons that I couldn’t do without. I guess this is also the main reason why switching browsers is a complicated task for me – if I wanted to switch them at the first place.

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