My list of best free applications that I really use

Every person has a list of their favorites. Since I write software I decided to write a list of free or open software that I like and actually use. Here we go:

  • Firefox, a web browser I use (and like) 80% of my time when behind a computer
  • Android, an operating system I use and like on my Samsung Galaxy phone
  • Apache, a web server that runs my web sites
  • PHP with MySQL, a web programming language, a platform and a database that supports my web sites
  • Paint.NET and Gimp, graphical softwares that I use instead of Paint Shop Pro and still haven’t decided if only one of them is sufficient or not
  • CDBurnerXP, a CD and DVD burning utility that I use because Nero is not free
  • Metapad, a simple text editor I use instead of Notepad, because it has undo / redo and useful find and replace
  • TreeSize Free, a tool for calculating free space by folder
  • Winamp (old version), a music player
  • BSPlayer (old version), video player

Then there are web services, but I don’t count them in the same category as software. There are also my freeware programs, but I didn’t find it appropriate to list them here instead of other tools, even if I use them a lot.

Note that for Winamp ant BSPlayer I wrote that I’m using an older version then the last one. That is because in my opinion the newer version are worse or use annoying advertising.

This list is far from complete. I just wanted to list the first 10 software titles that I remember – in some theories the first things you remember seem to be the most important.

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