Samsung authorized service center let me down

Recently I wrote about the battery of my Android phone Samsung Galaxy i7500 and that it runs out in less than a day. I decided to take my phone to the authorized service center Ram2 in Ljubljana, but because it was before New Years, I called ahaed. Just to make sure that my trip into crowded shopping center wouldn’t be in vain. A nice voice explained to me that it’s no problem, I should bring it there and that they’ll let me know what’s wrong with my phone in one day. The girl at helpdesk explained that I won’t get a temporary phone because they’re all out. So far so good.

I went to the crowded shopping center and arrived at the service center on time, explained my battery problem to the guy at the counter and gave him my phone. He explained to me that I will get the first info on what’s wrong with the phone not the next day as promised over the phone, but after New Year, which was 6 days later (5 days later than promised over the phone). I was surprised with that answer and left. Of course, I took the phone with me – I can wait easier with my phone at home.

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