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My girlfriend bought a new EEE laptop and I’ve noticed that 500 GB free web storage from Asus comes with it. There is not much mentioned about this on the box, but the factory Windows 7 installation has a direct link to the service on the desktop. There’s also a sticker on the notebook itself that states that the notebook has 750 GB storage: 250 GB of hard disk and 500 GB of online storage. Interesting combination, specially for the cutomers who are buying it and deciding between models with more hard disk.

As I’ve reviewed the Asus storage web site they offer cloud storage to anyone, but Asus users get better prices. It looks like only buyers of their EEE computers get 500 GB of storage free – ordinary users like me get only 1 GB free space.

I will convince my girlfriend to try the service and will report on it’s use, speed and reliability. I really wonder if it can be used as a cloud disk.

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