Search engine optimization for a car rental site

I’m working on a SEO project for a car hire company. The task is pretty tough, because there are thousands of web sites with the same goal as I have: optimization for car rental business. My goal is to optimize my clients site for 56 keywords that are all about 7 car hire destinations that are mainly in Europe in the holiday destinations that Uk customers visit the most. The keywords combinations vary, the logic is the same for all. The final keywords include Larnaca Car Hire, Paphos Airport Car Rental, Faro Airport Car Rental, Murcia Car Rental, Alicante Airport Car Hire, Malaga Airport Car Hire, Valencia Airport Car Hire and many more car hire and car rental related.

The web site is pretty new, which makes the optimization task harder, but it uses a SEO aware CMS which it’s pretty flexible – at least more flexible than any other CMS I’ve used. The problem is that CMS creates dynamic links. That way one content can be displayed on several URLs with slight changes in layout, which makes it basically duplicate content. I have also discovered that some content was similar to that of Wikipedia so it will have to get changed and completely rewritten soon.

Another problem is that there’s a lot of competition in the car rental industry and the same on the web. There are sites which invest heaps of money into being on the first page, including having specialized car hire domain names for each destination, are buying a lot of links and doing other expensive stuff. This makes the work harder and the results harder to get.

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