New PC Studio 1.5 (NPS)

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I am regularly updating my Samsung New PC Studio like I described in my post in order to finally get the firmware updates for my Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. I’m expecting to upgrade the OS to Android 1.6 for quite some time, but the update is not coming yet.

The new version of NPS that I have downloaded from Samsung mobile UK is version 1.5 or as the filename says (the whole finame of the NPS is New_PC_Studio_1.5.1.10064_2.exe). It looks brand new and shiny – well it should, the download is 170 MB! The icons are new, the user interface is new, but what about functionalities? First a cold shower: when I connected my i7500 I got the well known message from other version that the only functionality that is supported in upgrading the phone’s firmware. Obviously Samsung completely forgot about i7500 and its user base and I think this is a bad decision.

The look of the screen was nice and intuitive because I’ve used the previous version. So I found the update icon with no problems, clicked on it, crossed my fingers — but the new NPS 1.5 informed me, that I have the latest version of firmware installed. Unfortunately, this version still has Android 1.5 beneath it.

So it looks like I’m still stuck with my new old phone.

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