New version of New PC Studio (NPS)

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In one of my previous articles I described how to upgrade the firmware of a Samsung Galaxy. I am checking for new firmware updates regularly and this time I have discovered that there is a new version of Samsung New PC Studio, also called NPS, released. The new version is 1.4.0 IL5 – the version I used to have and did not show any new updates was 1.4.0 IL2. How to get this version – as always with the Samsung website, there was a trick.

When navigating to the regular NPS update site the version offered for download was 1.4.0 IL2 – the one, that I already had. Usually the “Download NPS” button leads to the fresher version, but not this time. This time I had to select the “Mobile Phone model” from the list, where I selected “Galaxy”. The function of the “Download NPS” button has not changed – it still lead to the old version. The trick was to click the “Software” link, where there were two versions of the NPS listed. One is NPS version 1.0 (probably for compatibility reasons?), the other one is NPS version 1.4.0 IL5. I have clicked the download icon and have downloaded it successfully. It seems really to be a new version.

If the trick above doesn’t work for you here is a direct link to the download: NPS 1.4.0. IL5

I am installing this version right now and it seems that this version has an auto updater that runs every time the program start. I hope this will clear the mist around the latest versions of NPS and the question how to get them.

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