My best freeware and shareware programs

I have started this blog in order to write more about my software and the utilities I develop (I call them Miha’s utilities; it’s a word game). I also wanted to let you know about the new features in the programs, new releases, and above all, about the new preview releases that are not available for download yet. However, all I have written about was my mobile phone, about me starting a blog and setting up the blog software, about my web experience and my other web sites, and about Google services which I love to use.

But if I return back to my software, I need to tell you that I develop software for more than 13 years now. I have started publishing it on the net back in 1997 when I first developed and publicly offered a Notepad-like software. It was pretty basic, but it was a great case study for my further development. At that time I have also created an HTML viewer (yes, a browser), an image viewer and a text viewer. Most of those are retired today and aren’t available for download.

Now, after 13 years, I run three successful software brands. The first one is mainly with free software, the other two are hosting some of my best shareware utilities. They have had a great success – the free software alone was downloaded by more than 4 million users worldwide and the user base is still growing! We have an on-line group for support and many users are active. Here are the links to my brands:

Two years ago I merged these three brands to a single limited company called

I have now decided to start a mini series on this blog with the descriptions of my most popular programs. Most of them are free, but some of them are shareware for a very available price (mostly US $10, but all are under US $15). You’re invited to read the posts about them, download them, give them a try and post comments on this blog!

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