“Your Google Drive bonus storage is expiring.”

I just received an e-mail from Google that my Google Drive bonus storage is expiring in October:

We wanted to let you know that you have bonus Google Drive storage expiring on Oct 3 2015. While this bonus period is coming to an end, you can always purchase additional storage.

The explanation about how I got this bonus is unclear even to Google, but it seems I’ll be losing 10 GB of space soon:

The bonus storage offer that’s expiring is:
Unknown promotion – 10G


This promotion that Google forgot what it was was probably 10 BG bonus space for installing QuickOffice app to my Android phone and linking it with my account. In these two years a lot of things has happened, including Google discontinuing QuickOffice last year.

Note that the Google logo in the e-mail is still the old one, even if the company changed the logo just two days ago.

What to do if you are using those 10 GB of free space? If you are, the data won’t get deleted, but you won’t be able to use more data until you either upgrade to a paid plan or delete some data to free up enough space.

Rest assured that your files in Google Drive remain safe and accessible by you and the people you’ve shared them with. You just won’t be able to add or sync any files unless you are using less than your current available storage or you’ve purchased additional storage. (If you use Google Photos or Gmail, those services could also be affected.)

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