More free storage with SugarSync as well

Just yesterday I wrote about Dropbox increasing its free storage for up to 8GB. My guess was that this was a response to soon to be launched Google Drive. Well, the same day I got an e-mail from SugarSync. In a blog post they explained that everyone can get additional 2GB of free space for inviting 20 friends from their e-mail contacts. Note that they don’t need to sign-up for you to get free space. But if they do, you and each of your friends get additional 500 MB. Nice offer!

It looks like the well established player of syncing market are getting scared of competition from Google. I wonder if Google will be able to fulfill the high expectations with Google Drive when it will be made available. And I hope they don’t do the same mistake they do every time when launching a new service: they offer it only to Google users but not to Google Apps for Domains users.

If you want to get additional 500 MB here’s my referral invite that you can use: Additional free 500 MB to the free 5GB plan with SugarSync

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