Windows 8 has a great future on tablet PCs

By now you already know that I own an ExoPC tablet computer. You’ve probably read how I installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview on the tablet.

First impressions were great. At least compared to MeeGo and to my two year old phone running Android (currently 1.6). My tablet is finally useful! Its still heavy and loud, but I can do things with it.

I think Microsoft is on a good path here. By creating Metro user interface they want to get closer to the iOS and Android devices that have spread like cancer in last two years. I don’t know if they’ll do a good job there. But here’s the catch: they’re not dumping Windows user interface, but instead offering it side by side with Metro. Imagine, tablet experience and ‘real computer experience in only one device? This is a great idea. Even if Microsoft has little apps in Store, it has millions of real software titles that can run on their devices.  But more important, iPads and Android tablets have failed to be a great tool when creating content. They are great for consuming it and for sharing that with friends, but they fail the moment you have to create something useful. Or do something work related (beside browsing the web, reading mail and replying). In these instances I turned on my laptop and I did the work. Now imagine this: instead of carrying a tablet and a notebook (or netbook) you can have just one device with best of both worlds! True, you’d be still missing the real keyboard, but think of Asus EEE Transformer – its hardware allows it to be both a tablet and a notebook, and now with Windows 8 it will really get a chance to be both in one machine.

I think Windows 8 devices have a great future in front of them. And yes, Windows 8 is making a step closer towards the missing device.


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