Touch Paint for Windows on tablet

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Just after a few days after I have first installed Windows 8 Consumer Preview on my virtual machine and later on my ExoPC tablet I have started to get ideas for development of software. I haven’t started with Metro apps (Metro apps are native Windows 8 programs), but I have started with the Desktop mode – the one I know best from the Miha’s utilities experience.

The first app that I have develop is a full screen app for drawing with your fingers. User can, just by touching the screen, draw different lines and create shapes or drawings. I have named the app Touch Paint and even if it runs also on desktop computers it’s not really very useful if you use it with a keyboard and mouse (but you can try it, it works).

Touch Paint for Windows on tablet

So basically Touch Paint is a blank canvas when you started, and by touching the screen you can draw on that canvas. The colors are selected randomly, and so is the thickness of the brush (or better, your finger).

You can download the app and try it out from the brand new Touch Paint mini site.

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