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I own an original EEE computer and I have a newer version of EEE in my household. I have two full size laptops and one desktop computer (with pretty cool two screens). I also have a Synology home server for my basic development and hosting and since more than a year I have an Android powered mobile smart phone. I am considering buying a new Kindle for reading books.

With seven computers or computer like devices in my small home and hopefully one more on the way I still miss a device. It’s not that I know what I miss, the problem is that this should be a new type of device which I haven’t seen yet.

The device I miss is most similar to an iPad or Kindle or my Android mobile phone. I would have to be able to take it anywhere with me, so:

  • it should weigh less than 400 grams (like Kindle or smartphone)
  • it should not be expensive so that I don’t leave it at home because I’m afraid to scratch it, lose it, break it or be afraid that somebody will stole it from me (like Kindle or my first EEE)

I should be able to use anywhere, so:

  • it should not be hot or even warm when being used (like smartphone  – or Kindle I hope)
  • it should not make any noise when being used (like smartphone or marginally like my first EEE – or Kindle I hope)
  • the battery should work for days or weeks (like Kindle or marginally my newer EEE)

It should be useful for work, so:

  • it should have a file system that I could use to exchange files, have full browser, use FTP and maybe even VNC to other machines (like desktop computers, laptops or EEEs)
  • it should have an internet connection (like any of those devices has)
  • it should have a keyboard (like my desktops, laptops or EEEs, marginally Kindle)

As you see in my list of demands for my new device there are quite some things that are missing for each of the devices I own.  Right now the odds are looking good for Kindle, but maybe the reason for this is just because I am excited and still don’t have it here to test it.

The main reason I miss this device now is because I’m chained to my bed for a week because of a minor accident and would still love to stay connected / read / work / put the thoughts out of my head / explore without the limitations like too heavy device, no real keyboard, warn lap and short battery time.

I hope the new device will find the way to me soon!

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