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I have written about the new Kindle some days ago; I have almost bought it three times:

1. When I first saw it and discovered that the prices have dropped to $139 if without 3G module (which I don’t need). That time I didn’t buy it because I wanted to look at the competition and their offers and because it ships on Aug 27th and not right away.

2. When I decided that I can wait one month without Kindle and face the fact that it will arrive too late for taking it with me on vacation. I didn’t buy it because the shipment date changed from solid August 27th to somewhere around September 4th.

3. When I decided to reserve it before the shipment date changes again. I also heard that I can cancel any time before the order ships without any costs. I didn’t buy it (I was close this time!) not because the shipment date has moved to September 8th, but because the total price of Kindle, EU charger and shipment to Slovenia would cost me more that $170. This would not be the final price though; I would still have to add the costs of import duties, import handing and possibly tax.

This way Kindle wouldn’t cost me $139 but 130 EUR plus import duties, handling and tax which could increase to170 EUR ($220).

I’m not sure yet if this price is still reasonable for me. At the beginning of the year I wrote in my Slovenian blog that the price for e-ink or e-paper reader would be reasonable at 80 EUR ($105).

I hope I’ll have more luck (or courage) next time I decide to order; I still have enough time to September 8th (or longer if I wait more).

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