Bitcasa is dead… again

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Bitcasa was a company that offered unlimited cloud storage – first in the world. Sure, the software was buggy and gigabytes of files got lost, but the users loved the idea of unlimited storage and helped find and report bugs in hope that the company would fix them to bring a good service. In return they didn’t get a better service, but a limitation on the paid unlimited accounts. Unlimited was changed to 1TB and the price was increased ten times. Loyal Bitcasa users were disappointed, many even wrote about how a company like this can’t be trusted, especially not with your data.

It turns out they were right. Bitcasa today announced that they’re discontinuing their cloud storage, Bitcasa Drive. They did that in a very short blog post that looks like it was written seconds before someone fired the person writing it out of the office:

We are discontinuing our Bitcasa Drive service in order to focus our full attention on our growing platform business. All account owners must take action to avoid losing their files. For more information, please visit our Help Center. Thank you for being a Bitcasa Drive user. We have appreciated all of your support.

Users have received an e-mail with a little more info. Ironically, a link to the same dry blog post is in the e-mail, but it promises “To learn why this is happening“.

E-mail sent by Bitcasa to let their users know they are shutting their service down.

E-mail sent by Bitcasa to let their users know they are shutting their service down.

Bitcasa successfully disappointed their users (the ones who stayed) again as many times before. When did you move to another cloud storage provider? Where did you go? Share in the comments.






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