(Former) Symform team, thanks for a great service!

I just read about Symform closing down their service on July 31, 2016. Even if Symform seemed dead since the Quantum acquisition almost two years ago, I still had hopes for the “entirely new vision for cloud storage” to emerge out of it. Of course I was sceptical the moment I saw shiny new betas and phone apps that were never further developed (and mobile apps even never maintained).

screenshot-community symform com 2016-06-16 23-35-10

(Former) Symform team, thank you very much for your great service. You were very professional, and that goes for the developers and support, solving every problem and helping all the way until satisfaction. And when the product works and support works, thanks goes to the management as well.

Symform was a great idea and it’s still the one and only solution for shared cloud storage. I liked your service a lot and even if I anticipated nothing good will come from the Quantum acquisition it still makes me sad to see you go.

Good luck in the future and I hope Quantum didn’t already dissolve your great team. I hope to see your future products soon!

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