Clicker Counter – our new app in Windows Store

A while ago, even before Windows 8 were released to the public, we have reported to have our first app published in the Windows store. The Quick Math app is intended to be used whenever you have some free minutes of time to train your brain. Check it out, as many of Windows 8 users have already done.

Today we have good news as well: we have our second app published in the Windows Store! Clicker Counter is a simple app that can help you with counting – usually things, that are moving fast or are not interesting enough. It’s really simple: one click increases the counter by 1. This is extremely useful on a bus trip (if you’re responsible ;), when counting traffic, when counting people that come into store or similar.

You can check out and install the app (if you have Windows 8) directly from the Clicker Counter Windows store page. Let us know what you think!

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