Huawei B593 4G LTE router (Speedport II) firmware update version V200R001B180D40SP05C748 available

Huawei B593 router, also known as Telekom Speedport LTE 2 / II in Germany, is getting a firmware upgrade. This has been the first upgrade that I have received in years, so I wonder what it will bring.

What’s the new version number?

I’m not sure how Huawei numbers their 4G router updates, but I see two versions. One is called ‘version’ and it’s V200R001B180D40SP05C748. The other one is called ‘FIRMWARE1’ and it’s value is Hopefully these two numbers make more sense that it looks like. If they do to you, please let me know in the comments.

The size of the update is 39.92 MB.

What’s new in this firmware version V200R001B180D40SP05C748?

This update should improve system performance and stability. I will actually welcome this as my own router hanged quite often in the last two months. Hopefully this firmware update will adress that issua.

Here’s the features that the update page is listing:

This update improves system performance and stability. Please update your device for improved experience.
[Update notes]
1.If you experience any issues during the update, please visit the Huawei Support website or contact your local service center for assistance.
2.This update will not erase your personal data.

Was the update to V200R001B180D40SP05C748 successful?

Let’s test it out and see!

After clicking the upgrade button the download progress bar is shown.

…and then the extraction progress bar…

..and after that the connection is broken as the actual upgrade starts. The lights on the router show progress – what usually shows the strength of the signal (bars) now shows the upgrade process. Smart!

When the upgrade gets to five bars all the lights will blink, and after that the router restarts. When it loads up the new version is already up and running!

The screen will prompt you to log in to admin area again.

In short, the upgrade was successful.

Under Device information, the new version is already shown as currently running.

Does the upgrade remove any bugs?

I will have to use the router for some time and if I see any changes I will update this post. If you see anything, please reply in the comments for me and other readers.

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