What’s coming to Google Analytics?

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When I was attending the eCommerce Expo in London earlier this month, both Google spokesman revealed some future features coming to Google Analytics.

The most interesting in my opinion will be multichannel tracking. In other words, we will be able to track users across devices, which was until now a very difficult problem to solve. If a user first finds your website on her mobile, and then looks it up on the desktop, this used to be two users with two different sessions. Googles’ speaker announced that we will be soon able to track this as a single user. Of course, the user will have to be signed in to her Google account on both devices.

Also, we were promised to see the cost per device in Google Analytics. This should help you target specific devices and get a better insight into how users of different devices think.

There was also a speculation by a speaker who works with Google a lot. He predicts, that the “Not provided” keywords will soon reach 100% and that the keyword report will be completely missing.

Interesting time for Google Analytics, right?

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