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I think Google Cloud Print is a great service which is still being developed. The idea behind it is that it enables printing from all kind of devices, including tablets and smart phones. The idea is so great because there will be no need for custom drivers for each and every device – I won’t have to worry if Xerox will create a printer driver for my Samsung phone.

Right now the service is available through Google Chrome browser. It is tied to your Google account and first you have to add a printer to your account. You can do so directly from Chrome browser by opening the wrench menu, selecting Options and Advanced options, and then log in to Cloud Print. I got some free time this week so I tried to connect my system to Cloud Print today.

I am running dev channel of Chrome and I have the last version 11.0.672.2 dev. Unfortunately connecting this version of Chrome to the local printer doesn’t seem to work. When I click the Connect button nothing happens. I have tried on two of my computers and it didn’t work both times.

I guess this is the price of running dev channel, so I guess I will wait a little more before I test Google Cloud Print.

2 thoughts on “Google Cloud Print (not available)

  1. Sanjeev (Google Cloud Print developer)

    Thanks for trying Google Cloud Print. The bug you mention is a known bug on the dev channel which has been fixed on the tip of tree. Please try Google Cloud Print on the stable or beta channels in the meantime.

  2. Post author

    Sanjeev, thank you for your clarification and reassurance of the fix. I’m looking forward to it and will test the feature (and write about it) when the fix comes to dev channel.
    Great work, by the way!

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