Firefox 4.0 beta 12 pre-relase is out

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If you’re running Firefox 4.0 beta pre-release versions you have probably noticed that the Help -> About Minefield box finds a new pre-release, namely FF4.0 beta12pre. This is the twelfth beta, even if there were planned to be only 7 of them. Interestingly, in the Mozilla Firefox 4 beta road map beta 12 isn’t even planned; the latest version there at the time of writing is beta r11 and first release candidates in ‘early 2011’. It’s true that it’s still early in 2011, so this beta 12 might turn out as a release candidate. Or, more possible, there will be another beta – but I doubt Mozilla will turn beta 13 to it’s final release – because of the superstitious unlucky number 13.

In this new beta12pre the button to open Tab Groups (Panorama or Tab Candy) is missing to the right of the tabs. It can be accessed through the View menu or through the new keyboard shortcut CTRL-Shift-E. In previous versions this feature was available through CTRL-Space, then moved to CTRL-E and now finally to CTRL-Shift-E because CTRL-E was reserved for moving focus to Mozilla search field.

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