Firefox 4.0beta8pre vs Chrome 8.0.552.0 dev

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I have done several speed tests between latest develoment release of Firefox 4.0 and Chrome. Usually I have used the Sunspider test to do this. There was always a clear winner and it was always the same – it was Chrome. I got the same result with the latest dev release of Chrome and latest beta 8 pre release of Firefox. Chrome was clearly a winner.

Since Mozilla released their Kraken benchmark I compare browsers with that one as well. As expected, in Kraken test Firefox always wins.

When the companies that make browsers also make speed tests it’s difficult to know what browser really is faster. And the browser test don’t take in account the usage of the browser. I miss that because I have lots and lots of tabs open all the time and both Firefox and Chrome tend to become very slow with that kind of browsing habits.

So, how were the test results? With Sunspider, Chrome was 25% faster than Firefox. With Kraken, Firefox was 2.5 times faster than Chrome. So it’s up to the user to figure out which browser is really faster.

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